Life Coaching

Coaching is working with you on a one-on-one basis assisting you toward achieving your goals and dreams. As a Life Coach I work with you to ensure you reach your personal life goals and dreams. We usually work together on a weekly basis for as long as you choose to, meeting for an hour at a time or as arranged.

As a professionally-trained and accredited Coach through the Life Coach Academy in Australia, I am trained and skilled to help you clearly identify your goals, examine what is happening for you now, look at the possibilities and options you have before you, and assist you toward moving forward to make your dream happen. It is my job to listen carefully to you and to bring out of you your own wisdom and options through careful, skilled, non-threatening questioning.


Business Coaching

Coaching is working with someone on a one-on-one basis assisting them toward achieving their goals and dreams. I will work with you in your business to ensure you achieve your business or work goals. Engaged as a Business Coach I will come into your workplace and work either with an employee or with each member of the whole team on a one-on-one basis.

We usually work together on a weekly basis for as long as you choose to, meeting for an hour at a time or as arranged. As a professionally-trained and accredited Coach through the Life Coach Academy in Australia, I am trained and skilled to help you clearly identify your goals, examine what is happening for you now, look at the possibilities and options you have before you, and assist you toward moving forward to make your dream happen.

It is my job to listen carefully to you and to bring out of you your own wisdom and options through careful, skilled, non-threatening questioning.

Coaching is not:

  • counselling
  • therapy
  • supervision
  • mentoring

Business Coaching enables you to move forward from the point you are at now to achieve your goals in any area of your business. You are empowered to realise your dreams.

Other workshops are also available to build and develop the team as a whole.


Team Building

These workshops are tailor-made for your particular workplace and team. The purpose is to enable and empower you and your team to understand each other more fully, valuing the differences and strengths that each person brings to the team.

You will gain understanding in the following areas:

  • what value each person brings to the team  
  • what each person needs to bring out their best   
  • how to help your team function more productively   
  • how to maximise each others talents   
  • how to minimise the gaps in knowledge and skills  
  • practical ways to help your team succeed   
  • how to make your workplace a place of enjoyment and fulfillment

Using the MBTI® as a tool, you will find that we all have unique gifts to offer and challenges to overcome. Your team will become stronger as a result of these workshops.


Leading Through Change

In a world of rapid change, managing how this is done is vital in order to achieve the desired outcome. Too often the process is managed without regard for the people. However people are fundamental to any organisation. So ensuring that the needs of the various people are met in an appropriate way is the only way to ensure a successful outcome in the transition. Different types have different questions that need to be answered in order to transition change. Understanding what these questions are will empower any leader to effect the desired change.

This workshop is enlightening, inspiring and informative giving down-to-earth practical help that you can take into any situation to effect change.


Achieving Your Goals

Not only will you be assisted toward achieving that illusive goal, you will also learn a model that will help you achieve any goal you ever want to achieve. Feel the freedom of taking control and moving forward.

How are you doing in the following areas of your life?

  • Mind, Body and Well-being.
  • Relationships, Family, and Home.
  • Career, Business, and Workplace.
  • Prosperity and Money.
  • Recreation and Play.
  • People, Community, and Contribution

Achieve the life balance you want.


Deepen Self Awareness

Using the MBTI ®  personality assessment tool to gain an deeper understanding of yourself and of others, you will be more effective in your relationships, your work, and your life. You will gain insights and under-standing that will both empower you and enrich you in every area of your life.


  • why is it that some things tire me out and others don’t? 
  • what do I need to be energised? 
  • why do I not see the detail that others seem to see? 
  • why do I see possibilities but others can’t? 
  • why are some people task focused and others people focused? 
  • why do I always procrastinated
  • why do I feel stressed why I don’t know what is happening? 

You will answer these questions and so much more.

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‘You cannot wipe the tears of anothers face
without getting your own hands wet.’

                                                                    Zulu Proverb

Whether in a caring profession, volunteering in a caring or serving capacity or taking care of family or others, self-care is paramount to ensure you last the distance.It is also vital for those in high capacity professions, such as Executive positions, that are highly demanding, stressful and deadline orientated. Caring for yourself will ensure you can give your best to others.

People Matters believe that all people matter. We therefore offer workshops on Self-Care. Because people are wholistic beings, we believe that people must care for themselves physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Our workshops offer teaching, time and tools that will enable reflection, assessment, and practical options in all these vital areas of who we are in order to properly care for ourselves.

While a good workplace will do all it can to ensure the health and safety of its people in this regard, ultimately the responsibility is up to us ourselves. Be equipped with what you need to get the best out of life.


Stress Management

You will identify and clarify your own personality type giving you a deeper understanding of who you are as an individual, what your stressors are, and how you can manage these to get the best out of life.

  • How do you care for yourself?
  • What do you need to manage your life?

Working with you, I will assist you to develop an approach of getting your life back in balance again. 


Grief Support and Education

‘You can grieve for any loss. Grief is part of life for everyone.
It is not only about death. You can also grieve if you lose your
job, your health, your relationship, your hopes and dreams,
your pet or anything else that is important to you.”
Lois Tonkin

I have a real heart and passion for walking with people through their journey of grief. This is a very lonely time of life made worse by the fact that most people in our ‘kiwi’ culture find death and loss a challenge to deal with. Unless a grieving person comes to terms with the loss, they will never find wholeness. Grieving people need support through this process. It can be a long and difficult one depending on the relationship.

I have worked throughout my adult life in supporting grieving people as well as being employed on the Family Support Team at the Southland Hospice. More recently I was employed as Chaplain at Elmwood Village – a retirement village, rest-home and hospital in Auckland. I was also a Funeral Celebrant. It is my heart to walk this journey with people to renewed healing and hope.

Through People Matters, I now conduct ‘Understanding Grief and Loss’ Workshops and ‘Self-Care’ Workshops. These workshops are aimed toward people who are supporting grieving people in whatever profession or capacity that might be – health-care professionals, pastoral care workers, community workers, care-givers, counsellors, therapists, employers and managers, or as a friend or family member. People working through their own grief have also found these workshops to be very helpful.

I also see clients on a one-on-one basis for Grief Support through my Life Coaching practice. I will also come into an organisation or workplace to support employees who have had a colleague die.

"Grief is the price of love…
Whatever we love we risk.
Love for someone or something means that if you lose it you will be hurt.
And the amount of suffering will depend directly on the  amount of love." 

Merrin Parke


Career Direction

You will receive knowledge, understanding and practical relevant tools that will assist you in your job selection. Not only will this be useful for now but what you learn will assist you in all future job selection choices.

Using a model called ‘The Life Calling Model’ we will work through a process that will help you find your life purpose. This will ensure you establish a career that is fulfiling, satisfying, and one in which you find meaning and feel that you are making a difference in the world.

This is done by:

  • Identiying your unique design using the MBTI® personality assessment tool 
  • Identifying your skills and experience
  • Identifying your foundational values and what is important to you
  • Identifying your drivers and motivational interest areas
  • Identifying your vison and how you would like to make a difference in the world

With this information as a foundation we will then identify career areas that you would find satisfying and also learn about the interviewing process and how to make that work best for you


Relationship Enrichment

Meeting with you as a couple, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you each are as individuals ,using the MBTI® personality assessment tool, and what you each bring to the relationship. You will gain new understanding of each other and learn new skills that will help you enrich your relationship, appreciating and valuing each others differences.  Instead of using a generic approach, you are respected as an individuals bringing your own uniqueness into your partnership. We will look at the following areas and how these work for you according to who you are as an individual and as a couple.

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Finance
  • Sexual Intimacy


Type in the Classroom

‘Who you are is how you teach’ *
                             Jane Kise 

Nowhere is understanding different personality types more important than in the classroom. Using type as a lens, you will gain an understanding of the different learning styles in order to enhance not only your students learning but also their enjoyment of learning.

This very practical workshop not only helps you understand your own personality type along with why you like learning the way you do, it also gives you insights and understanding of others and why they need to learn as they do. It will also give you tools to enhance the engagement of all your students, thus lifting their learning capacity and enjoyment.

While this workshop is primarily for teachers, whether in the mainstream schooling system or home-schoolling, it also benefits all parents and anyone who works in the area of learning, development and teaching.

* Differentiation Through Personality Types by Jane Kise – a must read for all teachers and parents.